ESAB Training locations

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We invest heavily in demonstrating established and new welding and cutting techniques and in organising basic and advanced training - standard packages or customer adapted. Our training centres are conveniently located all over the world, often in conjunction with our process and demo centres.

ESAB has training and process centres all over the world.

Welding equipment/Welding Consumables

Cergy*. Frankrike
Göteborg*, Sweden
Laxå, Sweden
Madrid*, Spanien
Mór*, Ungern
Opole*, Poland
Solingen*, Germany
St. Petersburg, Russia
Vamberk*, Tjeckien
Waltham Cross*, Herts., UK

Chennai, India
Dubai*, UAE
Kolkata, India
Zhangjiagang*, China

Florence (SC)*, USA
Hanover (PA)*, USA
Traverse City (MI) - AlcoTec, USA

Buenos Aires*, Argentina
Contagem*, Brazil

Cutting equipment

Florence (SC), USA
Karben, Germany
Pune, India

* Process Centre