August 17, 2019

Shanghai China, June 26th, 2019 – On June 25th, the 24th Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Fair opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. ESAB, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of welding and cutting equipment, system and filler metals, brought its outstanding products and solutions under 12 brands to the show, to give a full display of its latest technologies and multiple new products in automotive manufacturing, LNG, shipbuilding, offshore industry, rail transport and other segments. During the ESSEN Show, ESAB also launched several blockbuster new products with their first show in Asia. Under its fundamental development strategy of “ICFC (In China For China)”, ESAB is to continue to work in concerted efforts with distributors, partners and the whole industry to actively respond to the demands of macro trends such as “smart manufacturing” and “One Belt One Road” initiative, to shape the future of welding and cutting industry.
ESAB on 2019 ESSEN ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 2
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ESAB Booth

The ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution is speeding up the in-depth integration of digitization, informatization and automation and reshaping the industrial pattern on the global scale. As the world’s second largest economic entity, China is entering a new economic era transferring from high-speed development to high-quality development, and China smart manufacturing is going through the growth period. According to Mr. Stanley Chew, Vice President of ESAB and Executive Director in APAC Region, “welding and cutting constitute a major round in industrial production that can be directly correlated with the entire production flow of the manufacturing enterprises, and greatly determine its security and efficiency.”

“As regards the development in Chinese market, we are constantly deepening the strategy of ‘ICFC (In China For China)’ and integrating the advanced technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence and so on with ESAB’s hundred-year experience in application. We focus on the research, development and investment in the aspects such as lightweight and robot. Striving to win differentiation advantage through innovation, ESAB is to inject new vigor to the industrial chain, value chain and development pattern of China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry.” He added.

ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 4
Stanley Chew, Vice President and Executive Director APAC

First Show of New Welding & Cutting Products in Asia, Leading Industrial Transformation and Upgrading
In this show, ESAB has the theme of We Shape the Future of Welding and Cutting. Around this theme, its 12 brands attended the show to give a full display of ESAB’s world-leading welding and cutting solutions from three aspects, namely product line, industry and brand. From filler metal to advanced welding automation, from plasma cutting and software to mechanized automated welding, and from upgraded torch to robust wirefeeder and brand-new personal protection equipment, it covers the complete innovative product portfolio and technologies.

In addition to its well-known products such as OK Aristo filler metal, FSW robot, plasma cutting system and mechanized automated welding, a number of new products were also launched in ESAB booth to have their first show in Asia:

  • Versotrac Innovative SAW Welding Tractor: omnipotent and powerful. This welding tractor is designed to conquer the jobsite. Designed to be easy. Designed to adapt (it can start with any power source). Designed to move. Designed to perform. Designed to be versatile.
  • Renegade Welding Power Source: Red Dot Award, light and portable. The glamorous Renegade welding power source is the most compact and lightweight welder in its class. It moves freely like a ‘phantom’. With outstanding TIG performance and MMA functions, it is built for the harshest environments.
  • Robust Feed Wire Feeder: hardcore configuration and ultimately robust. This product is able to tackle with the tough environments such as dirt, drops, sand and rain. With impact-resistant, weather-resistant and sun-resistant external protection and internal protection of shielded connection and shielded spool, the ‘iron-man’ hardcore configuration adds impetus to welding technology and helps realize ultimate efficiency.
  • OK AristoRod 38 Zn Solid Wire: metal grip, secured and environmental. This new wire is designed specifically for welding galvanized steels. Through its special alloy composition, the wire has a significant reduction in porosity (both on surface and in root) as well as spatter, helping produce better weld bead appearance and less post-welding work. It performs well in environmental protection and safety.
  • DMX New Generation Plasma Beveller: born to be powerful. The powerful, reliable, easy-to-use, compact and safe cutting machine is to lead the future rend of bevel cutting with its outstanding performance.

Insight to Challenges Faced by Industry, Devoted to Construction of Major Projects
In recent years, by taking roots in Chinese market and having an insight to the challenges faced by local welding and cutting industry, ESAB has been relying on its hundred-year technologies and global experience in industrial application to help Chinese segment users to work out practical difficulties in the operation. Thanks to its outstanding service team, profound industrial experience and extensive product portfolio, ESAB continues to expand its market in China Mainland and Hong Kong and deliver trustworthy results to its customers.

In LNG industry, ESAB will get involved in major projects to offer ESAB nickel-based filler metal, filler metal for embedded parts and relevant supporting full lifecycle services. It is to help in the promotion of relevant projects including the offering of localized welding process design, engineering solution, consultancy and services, and to help bring down project costs and project risks. This is another milestone of ESAB in local LNG applications.

ESAB’s contribution to the rail transportation industry is more impressive. Its aluminum alloy laser welding system will be applied to the manufacturing of aluminum track vehicle for the first time. By using its innovative technologies covering the whole welding and cutting process and advanced SAW solution, it helps boost the security and efficiency of vehicle body manufacturing and reduce the operational cost in the full lifecycle.

 ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 7

ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 8

ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 9

Contract-signing Ceremony

Complete and Diversified Product Portfolio, Empowering China’s Future Development
“In order to better help clients embrace the unprecedented technological revolution and digital tide and to continue to consolidate ESAB’s leading position in the welding and cutting industry, we must focus on, integrate and re-shape our business”, emphasized by Mr. Matt Trerotola, President of Colfax Corporation, parent company of ESAB when introducing the brand of ESAB that, “Driven by our vision: We aim to be the Go-To Partner for welding and cutting. In the last three years we have accelerated through our acquisitions the diversification and the richness of our portfolio.”

ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 10

Matt Trerotola, President and CEO, COLFAX
ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 5

Olivier Biebuyck, VP & General Manager Welding Products Global Marketing and Engineering
ESAB on 2019 ESSEN 6

Victor Chen, General Manager, ESAB China

The acquisitions include AMI Automation, EWAC and Sandvik in specialty alloy (renaming as Exaton), GCE Gas Control Equipment and TBi Torches. These brands are taking the lead in their respective sectors and are highly supplementary to ESAB’s solution. The integration helps ESAB to possess more diversified product portfolio and solution, as well as broader global business coverage, sales team and distribution network. He said, “At present, ESAB tops the world in globalization in the welding and cutting field. We are the industrial leader both in filler metal and equipment.”

Mr. Matt Trerotola also pointed out that “The acquisitions provide incomparable resources and impetus for our advancement in China and drastically boost ESAB’s competitiveness in major growth industries in China. We are fully competent to serve China’s end users and empower the industrial development.”

As the forerunner in global welding and cutting industry, ESAB has been driving the development of the technology in multiple application markets over the past century. Today, ESAB is gradually growing into a really global player. With nearly 40 facilities all over the world employing over 10,000 employees, its products are sold to more than 145 countries. In 2018, Colfax Corporation, its parent company, realized a growth of 33% in earnings, while ESAB had a net income of nearly USD 2.2 billion.

When talking about future development, he said, “Our team is firmly committed to Chinese market. By sticking to the strategy of ‘ICFC (In China For China)’, ESAB is to continue to focus on the transformation and digital process of the manufacturing industry in China. Based on our complete product portfolio and data-driven advantages, and by improving customer experience through VOC activity, we are committed to becoming the customer-focused technical leader of welding and cutting industry and writing a new future.”