ESAB Made a Strong Presence at AET 2019•Changchun China

December 23, 2019

On December 19th - 20th, the 3rd Automotive Engineering Technology Forum (AET 2019) had a grand opening in Changchun. A total of 846 participants from the two-day conference came from automobile manufacturing, auto parts, design institutes, system integrators and outstanding suppliers.

ESAB at AET- 17

AET 2019 - the 3rd Automotive Engineering Technology Forum took Changchun as center, covered auto engine and auto parts manufacturers from North and Northeast China, striving to provide a one-stop service platform from communication to trade for automotive manufacturers in North China.

ESAB at AET- 3

As the only invited speaker of welding and cutting supplier, ESAB delivered keynote speeches on advanced welding technology and solution to automobile manufacturing!

From the perspectives of safety, environmental protection and quality, Frank Wang Fuzhou, ESAB Technical Application Manager, introduced the comprehensive application of ESAB filler metals and technologies in automotive industry, including Stainless Steel Welding of Exhaust System, Carbon Steel Welding of Driving/ Suspension/ Seat, Aluminum Welding of Wheel Hub/ Bumper, MIG Brazing of Galvanized Sheet of Car Body.
ESAB at AET- 5

Stainless Steel Welding of Exhaust System
Based on the application of auto exhaust system from thermal end to cold end, ESAB respectively adopts Austenitic and ferrite stainless solid wires to cope with different temperatures. With excellent performance in corrosion and thermal fatigue resistance, both wires are specially designed and developed for auto exhaust system, so as to ensure its safety in use. 

Applications of ESAB Filler Metals in Auto Exhaust System

Carbon Steel Welding of Driving/ Suspension/ Seat
When adopting MAG welding process, ESAB carbon steel solid wire can greatly improve welding performance and overall productivity. Copper-free technology makes it environmentally-friendly and corrosion-resistant, with various advantages such as stable arc, low spatter and low wear of contact tip even at high welding current.

ESAB at AET- 7
Application of ESAB Filler Metals in Auto Driving/ Suspension/ Seat

In addition, it can achieve better welding result when using together with ESAB’s unique Marathon Pac? Package. Meanwhile, based on ESAB copper-free wire and efficient welding technology SAT- rotating arc transfer, it can achieve higher welding speed and lower spatter, helping improve operation efficiency and cleanness.

Aluminum Welding of Wheel Hub/ Bumper
ESAB aluminum alloy wires like OK Tigrod/ Autrod 5554 and SFA/AWS A5.10 ER5554 are the optimum choices for the welding of wheel hubs. With excellent high-temperature resistance, these wires are insensitive to stress corrosion cracks at high temperature.

ESAB at AET- 8

ESAB 6XXX aluminum alloy wire is very helpful when welding auto bumpers. Densely covered by oxide film on the surface, the wire has very good corrosion resistance. In the event of collision, aluminum absorbs twice of energy as the steel of the same weight, further ensuring the safety of the drivers.

MIG Brazing of Galvanized Sheet of Car Body
Arc instability, work deformation, porosity, spatter and other issues always occur in the welding of galvanized sheet of car body. Therefore, ESAB developed MIG brazing for galvanized sheet. Together with brazing wire, they can reduce the risk of porosity, fume and burn-through, and hence improve the welding quality of galvanized sheet of car body.

Application of ESAB Filler Metals in Welding of Galvanized Sheet of Car Body

 “Lightweight of automotive” has also gradually become the new trend of the industry. As a technology extremely suitable for aluminum alloy welding, ESAB FSW has been widely applied and promoted by the users. Jack Xu, ESAB Advanced Automated Welding Products Sales Manager, elaborated on the advantages of ESAB FSW technology like safety and energy saving and the solutions of its applications in the manufacturing of aluminum alloy auto parts. 

ESAB at AET- 10

Static Gantry Single Head/ Dual Head Dual Moving Station Equipment

Both solutions developed by ESAB - static gantry single head and dual head dual moving station equipment - adopt the latest control system and touch screen operation interfaces, and both are featured in pin tool design and welding technology development. Equipped with automatic clamping, they can greatly improve work efficiency and become the unique solutions in EV battery compartments workstation and charger housing workstation through operation automation. 

ESAB at AET- 11
Static Gantry Single Head Dual Moving Station
ESAB at AET- 12
Static Gantry Dual Head Dual Moving Station

Besides, ESAB gantry welding head is characterized by integrated constant pressure control function. It can realize displacement or constant pressure control while having automatic laser detection of FSW tool, ensuring lightweight and efficient welding of large automotive materials.

ESAB at AET- 13
Gantry Head

ESAB at AET- 14

Automatic Laser Detection of FSW Tool

Robot FSW Solution

  • ROSIO Robot FSW (1st Generation)

Since 2003, ESAB has been working on the development of Robot FSW. Till now, ROSIO robot has been used for the benefit of a large number of automotive manufacturers. With an integration of high welding quality and excellent flexibility, ESAB ROSIO robot has premium accessibility for 2D and 3D structures. Having been widely used in the production and manufacturing of auto parts, it greatly increases the welding quality and efficiency!

ESAB at AET- 15

  • NxG FSW Robot FSW (2nd Generation)

The integration of ESAB NxG welding head with KUKA robot makes it able to realzie perfect weld on small and large aluminum parts. Through the communication and mechanical interfaces to connect with robots and integrated water cooling and constant pressure control system, its welding capacity on 6XXX aluminum alloy can be up to 10mm. With the advantages like intelligence and lightweight, it is the preferred choice of automotive manufacturing. 

ESAB at AET- 16

Relying on its leading technology advantages in automotive manufacturing, ESAB was widely praised by guests and highly recognized by the industry.

ESAB at AET- 18 Best team wins!