China President Xi Jinping visited ESAB FSW at Liaoning Zhongwang Group

September 28, 2018

On Sep. 27th 2018, President Xi Jinping visited the China largest aluminum enterprise Zhongwang Group. As the most proud and iconic asset, ESAB FSW system in operation was shown to President Xi. Again, ESAB advanced welding automation technology got the world watch.
President Xijinping

President Xi 02

FSW in Liaoning  Zhongwang 03

China Zhongwang Holdings Limited is a world-leading industrial aluminum product developer. The Group has been primarily focusing on the light-weight development in the transportation, machinery and equipment and electric power engineering sectors. Boston Consulting Group's statistics shows that the Group is now the second largest industrial aluminum extrusion product developer and manufacturer in the world and the largest in China and Asia.

The Group was founded in 1993 with its headquarters based in Liaoning Province, China. After more than 20 years of dedicated development, the Group currently has 93 internationally advanced aluminum extrusion production lines with an aggregate annual production capacity of 1 million tons.

Liaoning zhongwang

Inspired by the world-leading FSW welding technology that offered by ESAB to CNR and CSR, conversations have been taken place between Zhongwang and ESAB regarding a new customized FSW welding system since 2013. After rounds of negotiations, Zhongwang was convinced with the efficiency and performance of ESAB FSW technology and awarded ESAB with a contract in early 2014, including one FSW gantry of 90 meters working range and two sets of fixtures for the production of sidewall and floors of rail cars and marine deck panels of aluminum alloys.
FSW in Liaoning  Zhongwang

The system was successfully delivered in 2015 as promised and put in operation the same year with technical supervision provided by ESAB project team from Sweden and China.
Zhongwang benefited from this system by acquiring advanced joining technique, comparing with conventional arc welding FSW has increased welding speed by 5 times with even better mechanical properties and fatigue performance. This breakthrough in welding process and productivity led them to a new era of winning tremendous orders from railway, shipbuilding and new energy vehicles industries. From then on Zhongwang became the standard in aluminum extrusion industry worldwide.