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ESAB wins Industrie Lyon award for WeldCloud™  online data management software

April 8, 2017

ESAB France SA is proud to announce that it has won the Innovation Award in the "Digital Tools" category at Industrie Lyon 2017, held April 4 - 7 in Lyon. Prevailing over 160 innovations presented, ESAB's WeldCloud™ online data management system took the winning spot for its ability to provide digital solutions that optimize welding and associated manufacturing activities. Industrie Lyon is held every 2 years, hosting 21,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors, including ESAB. The fair showcases a global range of manufacturing equipment and services, and Industrie Lyon has presented the Innovation Award for 15 years.

"ESAB is extremely grateful for this prestigious award, as it recognizes our commitment to IIoT innovation," says Antony Fernandes, Technical & Marketing Manager. "This innovation was driven by our need to help customers automate activities that surround the welding processes and enable them to drive continuous improvements in productivity, quality and machine efficiency."

WeldCloud includes a communication module connected to welding power sources that sends welding parameters and machine data to a server or a PC. Using any device with a web browser, WeldCloud provides users with a wealth of analytical tools and customizable dashboards. With WeldCloud, customers can:

  • Facilitate traceability from single welds to the complete product because the core of the system is a comprehensive database containing key information of every weld seam.
  • Develop weld schedules on a single machine, move them into the cloud and then push them out to other welding systems.
  • Remotely manage welding parameters, set limits and set alarms for deviations.
  • Monitor and act upon various productivity reports across operations in disparate locations.
  • Increase responsiveness of repair and maintenance operations by instantly receiving alerts from WeldCloud-enabled machines in their fleet, effectively lowering overall machine down time.
  • Share and analyze data by teams across multiple data collection sites, using any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the same internal network as the welding systems and database.

Four Reasons for Winning

To win the award, Antony Fernandes and Florent Dourlens - and 160 other entrants - presented to a committee of 22 people comprised of technical journalists and representatives of the industrial scientific community. The committee narrowed these entrants down to 16 innovations representing four categories: Digital Tools, Sustainability, Industrial Performance and New Technologies. In the Digital Tools category, ESAB won over nominees Siemens, Schunk and Pro Dis (view video featuring Antony Fernandes). More than 900 people attended the award ceremony.

"There are many worthy offerings in the welding community that provide Industry 4.0 capabilities, but we believe WeldCloud has several key, customer-driven benefits that set it apart from other systems," says Roul Kierkels, Global Product Manager DDA & WeldCloud™, ESAB.

First, he explains, WeldCloud data resides in one comprehensive database, located within a user's firewalls and not in a proprietary or provider-controlled cloud. Users have more peace-of-mind when they control their own data. Second, WeldCloud features an open-architecture design for communication and analytics. Companies can use them as stand-alone software or integrate with other business intelligence systems, such as Power BI, SAP®, QlikView® and Tableau®. Third, WeldCloud polls at a frequency of 1Hz to provide essentially real-time reporting, offering immediate and greater insight into welding data.
Lastly, WeldCloud benefits a range of stakeholders -operations managers, quality managers, engineers, welders, maintenance staff, training supervisors and others - versus only higher-level personnel.

"WeldCloud enables data-driven decision making so that any employee can move the true levers of productivity and quality," says Kierkels. "Users at all levels have commented that the WeldCloud interface is very intuitive because the applications function similar to those found on a smart phone or tablet."

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is a recognized leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honored processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanized cutting and automation, ESAB's filler metals, equipment and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe.

Award Ceremony - ESAB wins Industrie Lyon award for WeldCloud™

More than 900 people attended the Industrie Lyon Innovation Award ceremony where ESAB France SA won the "Digital Tools" category for its WeldCloud online data management systems.

ESAB wins Industrie Lyon award for WeldCloud

Accepting the Industrie Lyon 2017 Innovation Award for ESAB (starting second from the left) were Florent Dourlens, Analyst Programmer, Nadine Masurier, European Marcom Assistant, and Antony Fernandes, Technical & Marketing Manager. Presenting the award (at left) is Vincent Ferreiro, Global Business Manager, AddUp.